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Welcome to the EFL252 course on instructional principles and methods! During this course we will explore some fundamental educational concepts in order to differentiate between teaching approaches, methods and techniques. We’ll consider various approaches and methods from a historical perspective and consider their role in the emergence of the Communicative approach and more recent developments, including lexical and corpus-informed approaches. From this foundation, we’ll examine issues relating to teaching and learning principles,strategies, and techniques from the context of the learner and the teacher. We’ll focus on the importance and advantages of planning the learning process, on a daily and a course basis.This will enable you to build a framework of knowledge on which to base your own approach to teaching, learning and teaching strategies; teaching methods and techniques; and the role and use of technology and materials in teaching. An element of reflection about your own learning will be built into the course with the goal of you formulating your own personal teaching philosophy, your responsibility and duty to develop the quality of your own teaching, and the teaching profession as a whole.

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